Official website of Ankara based architectural company which has been founded by Hakan Evkaya and Kutlu Bal.

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Kepez Congress and Cultural Center

God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.”

John Muir


The Project offers a built environment which hugs the green instead of keeping left over spaces for it. The site which houses many trees In the current situation must have been kept and left as a recreational area for the public . The center which becomes a part of the city is reached from all directions and internalizes an ecological design approach.

Almost in the middle of the site where the tree density is lower, a crack is opened. Under the ground level, a platform (valley) which is specialized for congress center is constituted. Congress hall, foyer and administration are located on the North part of the crack, while small hall and wedding hall are on the West and restaurant is on the South. Hence, all the entrances and restaurant- cafe units become in relation with each other.

Capillary ramps which start from three different corners of the site take the visitors to the valley. After short trips on the ramps going down, visitors are surprised with the spatial facilities of the valley which hence has natural shadowing. Although three directional approach, the fact that reaching to the center is provided by capillary aisles, brings about security when needed and a specialized space for the valley.

The building which stands under the ground and has natural shadow is very appropriate for hot climate of Antalya in terms of energy efficiency. The modules symbolizing the division of the urban solid are located on top of the building. While these modules provide natural ventilation and light by the transparent openable photovoltaic panels, they act as chimneys used to unload the fire smoke and gain electricity.








Antalya, Türkiye




Kutlu İnanç Bal, Hakan Evkaya, Cengiz Gündemir